NOTE: AMI has improved its standard warranty policy for products described on these Web pages.
This new policy is stated below for your convenience.

American Magnetics warranties its products to conform to the specifications described in its quotation for a period of fifteen months from the date of shipment.
AMI makes no other warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. In the event of a failure occurring during normal use, AMI, at its option, will repair or replace all products or components that fail under warranty and such repair or replacement shall constitute a fulfillment of all AMI liabilities with respect to its products.
Since, however, AMI does not have control over the installation conditions or the use to which its products are put, no warranty can be made of fitness for a particular purpose, and AMI cannot be liable for special or consequential damages.
All repairs are F.O.B. Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. If any needed repairs are covered under this warranty, then standard shipping for return to the customer is paid for by AMI within the USA.
Before shipping any item to AMI for repair the customer must first obtain an RMA number from an authorized AMI representative.
Do not attempt to repair or replace any items without first speaking to an authorized AMI representative.
Doing so may expose the customer to hazards and will void this warranty.
Customers requiring a more comprehensive warranty program may purchase additional coverage, the price of which may vary by product type.



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