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PHONE: (865) 482-1056
FAX: (865) 482-5472
EMAIL: sales@americanmagnetics.com

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We are often confused with American Magnetics Corporation (maker of magnetic cards), American Megatrends, Inc (PC BIOS vendor) and American Magnetics Corp (maker of transformers).

Please verify you have located the correct corporate entity before contacting us.

AMI Representation in Belgium, Canada, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey

American Magnetics Inc.
112 Flint Rd
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

PHONE: (865) 482-1056
FAX: (865) 482-5472
EMAIL: sales@americanmagnetics.com
WEB: www.americanmagnetics.com

AMI Representation in Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland

Christian Budzylek

Cryoandmore Budzylek GbR
Hermann-Cossmann-Str 19
41472 Neuss

PHONE: +49 (0) 21 82 - 60 80 4
FAX: +49 (0) 21 82 - 60 23 3
EMAIL: christian@cryoandmore.de
WEB: www.cryoandmore.de

AMI Representation in China

Special Cryogenics Corporation

PHONE: 86-21-56637273
FAX: 86-21-56636356
EMAIL: sales@specialcryogenics.com
WEB: www.specialcryogenics.com

AMI Representation in Italy

Quantum Design s.r.l.
Via Francesco Sapori
00143 Roma

PHONE: +39 06 5004204
FAX: +39 06 5010389
EMAIL: italy@qd-europe.com
SALES EMAIL: paziani@qd-europe.com
WEB: www.qd-europe.com

AMI Representation in India

AZ Scientific

Kamal Sharma, Founder

AZ Scientific
502, Sai Address Building,
Hukamakhedi, Rajendra Nagar,
A.B. Road, Near Bee Town Hotel,
Indore - 452012, M.P.

PHONE: +91 97-69-056996
EMAIL: kamal@azscientific.in
WEB: www.azscientific.in

Magnet Sales / Exclusive Instrument Sales in Japan.

Dr. Minoru MAEDA

JECC Torisha Co., LTD
2-8-52 Yoshinodai
Kawagoe - City
Saitama 350-0833, Japan

PHONE: 81-49-225-7555
FAX: 81-49-225-7558
EMAIL: maedam.qdr@jecctorisha.co.jp
WEB: http://www.jecctorisha.co.jp/


Other Product Sales

If you are not in a location listed above, please contact American Magnetics, Inc. directly.

American Magnetics Inc.
112 Flint Rd
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
PHONE: 865-482-1056
FAX: 865-482-5472
EMAIL: sales@americanmagnetics.com

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